OT: Declan and quantum physics

Stephen Bosch posting at vodacomm.ca
Thu Jul 24 08:00:39 PDT 2003

Ian Molton wrote:
> In the UK, we have local substations that drop down to 240V and
> supply about 100 houses. (thats a guess based on how many substations
> I see relative to how far apart they are in a built up area)

In NAm, the main panel is fed with three conductors; two hots and a 
neutral. Each hot is approximately 110 VAC to the neutral, and 220 VAC 
to each other (this is for the washer/dryer/heavy appliances as 
mentioned in a previous post). Does this mean there is a 180 degree 
phase difference between the two?

> Correct. You can also reverse a 3-phase motor FAR easier than a 1
> phase one (simply swap any two phases).

Would you still get sparking? BZZT

Blue flashes in a reversing motor have always scared me.

Now, in an effort to steer this *slightly* toward Linux, has anybody 
dabbled in lighting and appliance control using Linux?


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