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On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:01:33 +0000 (UTC)
calkin at ieee.org (Andrew Calkin) wrote:

> So you should have 3 phases in your house. But I may be wrong, of
> course ;-P

I'd be an impossibility - there are only two wires in the drop unit, not three.

In the UK, we have local substations that drop down to 240V and supply about 100 houses. (thats a guess based on how many substations I see relative to how far apart they are in a built up area)

we supply three phases from the substation to the poles, and each house is fed from ONE phase of the three. several houses in a row will be 'in phase'. others will be on the other two phases.

(one good reason NOT to drill a hole through your neighbours cabling if you are in a non-detached property ;-)

> I think the only thing about 3 phase instead of single phase with respect to
> single phase is that you don't require a starter circuit with 3 phase, but 
> it is needed with a single phase supply.

Correct. You can also reverse a 3-phase motor FAR easier than a 1 phase one (simply swap any two phases).

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