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not trying to be a jackass, but there is no PLUS or MINUS with
alternating current. it's also not at all stupid to give different
you got one or three phases (usually only one), one neutral (which
usually is connected to ground and thus there's no voltage on it) and
one called PE (potential earth) which is for protection from electrical
shock only.

as they have a different purpose, why should you name them phase 1, 2
and 3 (which is - technically speaking - pure nonsense)?


On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 12:37, Jochen Schroeder wrote:
> Ian you would be perfectly right if we'd be talking about 3 phase power 
> supply here, but we are just talking about a normal 1 phase supply, 
> where we have a ground an earth and the plus, which is usualy called 
> phase (at least in german). Now I agree thaat phase is not a really good 
> name (phase to what?) but this is what it is called by convention (at 
> least here in germany)
> Jochen
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