.ko modules and DRI problems

esaul esaul at reggaetrain.com
Wed Jul 23 22:38:32 PDT 2003

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 03:09:33 +0000, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> BTW I think you don't need to compile the module from XFree86 sources at all. 
> A major resync with dri.sourceforge.net happened in the kernel source tree 
> just 2.6.0pre1, according to the Changelog. So why using older drivers from 
> the XFree86 tree?

Well, that's marvelous, so I could just download the newest kernel, and
I'll have the most recent tdfx.ko driver? I'll do it right now.
I'll be sure to try '+=' instead of ':='. But this is not why I get all 
these errors, is it?
Today, I got the latest knoppix/morphix cd, booted with it, and although
knoppix finds the Voodoo 4 card, loads the tdfx driver and correctly
identifies the monitor (P815), it is the same story!!!
/var/log/XFree86.log.0 (in morphix) states that direct rendering is enabled, but
glxinfo says it ain't. I set up another LFS box, and DRI works just fine
in there, everything is dandy. I am starting to think that it could be
either a hardware problem, or it could stem from having compiled X against
2.4.20 headers while using 2.5.59 (I am using 2.5.74 now)? It sounds
unlikely, but I am running out of things to blame (myself, the neighbour's

I am currently putting together the third LFS box with a QNX partition on
it. I can't wait to play with QNX. Since it is also a P3 Coppermine, I was
thinking, maybe I could just copy the system from this box (glibc, gcc, X,
etc.), but I would hate to run into the same DRI problems. Alexandr
Evgenyevich, what do you advise on that? I would appreciate any help, and
I am prepared to do all the research myself, just nudge me in the right

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