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Wed Jul 23 14:13:53 PDT 2003

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, esaul wrote:

> I tried it all kinds of ways:
> modifying the makefile in the xc tree to include
> "obj-m := tdfx_drv.o
> module-objs :=  tdfx_driver.o tdfx_io.o tdfx_hwcurs.o tdfx_accel.o
> tdfx_dga.o tdfx_priv.o tdfx_sli.o "
> I consulted the LWN article on that ( )
> I wrote and re-wrote the Makefile in different ways, and ran "make -C
> /usr/src/linux SUBDIRS=$PWD modules" , but it *never* compiles this way!
> It does compile, however, if I just issue a simple "make", but the
> resulting module (tdfx_drv.o) wouldn't load in the 2.5.74 kernel.
> I followed your advice, and got the "drivers" subdiretcory from the xc CVS
> tree. Honestly, I am confused. It contains the Imakefile, but to run imake
> (which creates Makefile), I had to put this directory in the xc tree. It
> didn't work, of course. So I tried it with the modified old Makefile, and
> the Makefiles that I wrote, and lo, it didn't work.
> I get errors like this:
> /10G/builds/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/tdfx/tdfx.h:284: syntax
> error before "pScrn"
> /10G/builds/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/tdfx/tdfx.h:287:
> warning: function declaration isn't a prototype
> /10G/builds/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/tdfx/tdfx.h:288: syntax
> error before "pScrn"
> . . .
> Should I run 'make' from a different build directory? I'll try that, but
> somehow I am not optimistic.
> Also, X creates a module called tdfx_drv.o, but the kernel is expecting
> tdfx.ko. Is it safe to rename it? I know that eventually I'll figure this
> out, but I would appreciate it if someone who's done this before could
> enlighten me.
> Spasibo, Thanx.

 Bearing in mind I have never looked at the .ko modules in 2.5, from
reading Alexander's post it looked as if they were typically created
from more than one .o file.  Assuming that the tdfx driver in 2.5/2.6
has not been updated recently, you probably need to look a bit deeper
into the kernel's Makefile to see how its .ko gets created.  And if it
has been updated, you need to bug the maintainer (if there is one).
Apologies if your posting above is a verbatim copy of what the kernel
Makefile does!

 As to downloading X from cvs, you probably need to download the whole
tree, and bear in mind that it may or may not compile on any particular

 Just on the offchance it might be something simple : your original
posting showed that the kernel believed it had loaded dri, but by the
time you ran glxinfo it wasn't working.  Was there anything in the X log
associated with dri ?  This isn't the old "only root can use dri unless
the permissions are changed" problem, I hope.

 Peace, love, linux

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