[OT] CPU fans & heat (was Editing PDFs - perhaps scribus?)

Declan. Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Wed Jul 23 06:32:21 PDT 2003

> This got to me. 
> "All these software guys trying to teach a hardware guy his job" I
> thought, and took a look. 
> 5V & 3.3V lines are fine and rock steady. CPU is hot but OK; CPU fan
> in business, but something none would have guessed - the cpu socket
> has broken where the clip holding the heatsink latches on. No obvious
> or semi obvious gunther to get that sorted springs to my agile mind.
> The compile is continuing with the side off the box. It is hot.
> The voltage theory above is innaccurate. It is a voltage rise caused
> by inductor and starter on switch on.  

I have to eat a certain amonunt of humble pie.

I eventually killed the compile, and took at the box. Underneath the
fan was a solid carpet of dust which killed off ~90% of the cooling
effect of that fan. Having found this, I checked the other box in the
room, and found a similar, but smaller carpet killing off ~70% of the
cooling. May be a good idea to check for a 'carpet' under your cpu fan?

I am ashamed of myself saying "No obvious or semi obvious gunther to get
that [heatsink clip] sorted springs to my agile mind." I hadn't started
to think, and rapidly came up with a world class gunther that holds the
heatsink firmly in place.

Now the cpu heatsink is at least ~30 degrees centigrade cooler, and my
guess that it was hot but ok was also obviously wrong. IIRC the cpus 
slow down when hot, which would have thrown timings I guess, leading to
some funny results. The compile won't quit; there is a lot of qt, isn't


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.
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