Configure Telenet as a Daemon

Josef Sevcik josef.sevcik at
Tue Jul 22 07:07:04 PDT 2003

 From manual page:
     The telnetd command is a server which supports the DARPA standard 
     virtual terminal protocol.  Telnetd is normally invoked by the internet
     server (see inetd(8)) for requests to connect to the TELNET port as 
     cated by the /etc/services file (see services(5)).  The -debug 
option may
     be used to start up telnetd manually, instead of through inetd(8).  If
     started up this way, port may be specified to run telnetd on an 
     TCP port number.

Did you try it?

Amit Mehra wrote:

>Yes I simply want to start the telnet service on boot!
>Simon Geard wrote:
>>Amit Mehra wrote:
>>>Hello Everybody,
>>>                        I have been facing problems configuring my
>>>                        boot
>>>scripts to configuring telnet as a daemon. I found no steps to
>>>configure files in inetd directory.
>>Do you have a particular reason for wanting a telnet server, rather than
>>something more secure like ssh? The latter is more secure, and
>>relatively easy to install and configure.
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