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Declan. Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Tue Jul 22 05:42:32 PDT 2003

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 10:53:24AM +0000, Csaba Henk enlightened us
> In article <20030722090746.GB190 at genius.chateau.dec>, "Declan.
> Moriarty" wrote:
> > So I could work this way
> > 
> > pdf --> bmp -->add over text --> "print"(=.ps) --> ps2pdf.
> > 
> > The first stage could be done by ghostscript; Adding over text can
> > certainly be done in windows, so I presume gimp can do it also, and
> > print it to ps.and ghostscript supplies ps2pdf.
> > 
> > Just for the pig iron (I got around this task btw) I should try this
> > once.
> Bah... this chain would produce a huuuuge pdf. Moreover, it would
> store characters as images and not as fonts. Thus, eg. pdftotext would
> give an empty file... It has no use.

I know. It's terrible. This was an application  to speed the reaction of
one beaurocrat but has many applications. I doubt if she would be
dissappointed with the output of pdftotext. In fact I am not sure if she
could log into a unix system if given the password.

I am looking for a better way to go.
> Btw, the it is said that latest OpenOffice can save docs as pdf (tho I
> didn't see latest OO personally). Just think a moment, what could it
> mean?  You could produce pdf's from your doc with older versions as
> well ("print to file"). Now you can *save* them as pdf. Doesn't it
> mean that OO can open them as well? Anyone who tried latest OO?
You heard correctly. OO now claims to be able to "export to pdf, swf,
and docbook" as from version 1.1, which is available on their site. 73.7
Megs in size, though. I get around 30 megs per 2 hours, so I'll have to
download it in 2 chunks. The isp cuts the pipe on  2 hours. NTL are
really charming people.

pdf2html --> OO --> tart up html --> add text --> save as pdf --> pdfopt
to get a reasonable size. Although you could get there in a slightly
more tortured way already.

pdf2html --> OO --> Edit and tart up --> print to file(.ps) --> ps2pdf

If my experience with html generated by cpu is anything to go by,
though, one might be quicker writing the form from scratch.

When you analyse this, I am looking for something that can read a pdf
file into any usable format. Then tools exist to edit, and convert back.

	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.
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