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> Quoting Tony Wang <wwang at>:
> > Thank you very much! But I remember that when I use vim under my host
> > system redhat 8.0, every time I start vim it will go exactly where I
> > left last time, It's is automatically and need't "'0" keys to be
> > pressed. That is some convenient for me.
> You might want to check if RH8.0 alias vim with any options. That might do 
> the trick. Also check if vim's configuration files on your RH8.0 to see if you 
> are missing something from it that will make it work the way you describe.
> -- 
> Han.
Under RH8.0
which vi
alias vi='vim'
and there is neither a .vimrc file under $HOME directory nor a vimrc
file under /etc, /usr/etc, /usr/local/etc or /opt/etc directory.

But it works perfectly:
edit A, goto 500 line, quit, edit B, quit, edit A again, it will goto
500 line automatically.

Under my lfs system
Althouth the following lines
set viminfo='20,\"50
set history=20
are really in ~/.vimrc file, but when I run a vim and type ":set" to
"Show all options that differ from their default value.", these two
variables disappear, while other variables such as "hlsearch",
"textwidth" set in ~/.vimrc appear.

Every time I edit a file, it goto the first line.
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