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Ng, Wey-Han meehoon at pd.jaring.my
Tue Jul 22 02:36:01 PDT 2003

Quoting "Declan. Moriarty" <declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie>:

> > More or less. There is a slightly different format from pdf that is
> > called Adobe Forms, pff in short. Though I can't tell you more
> details
> > apart from it exist. I have fill out forms posted by the US gov in
> > pff, but have no idea what tools you can use to create it. Maybe
> > search for it in the Adobe site, they should have at least some
> > information about it.
> Sorry to be harsh, but that's a non starter. The form is written in
> pdf.
> I am not choosing the forms I want to fill in. They are chosen for me.

I'm merely clarifying Stephen Bosch said in his earlier post. I don't find it 
harsh, just because the solution does not fit your problem. :>

> Look, I'm basically a hardware guy: I can understand the chips that
> make
> up your pc chips in terms of lines going high and low, and find
> hardware
> faults on them. I can't read C, and have a poor record with mastering
> obstinate software. I get wary when I see a processing chain that
> long.

The process is really quite simple. You just got to produce your pdf right. 
However, if you say you did not create the forms, then it will not work for 
you. You will need to have access to the editable copy of the forms prior to 
converting it to pdf/ps.

> > > Can gs output an editable format (like rtf)?
> > 
> > See above.
> I take that as a negative. I did see drivers for png, jpeg and a
> couple
> of bitmap formats in ghostscript. So the picture is that all
> processing
> can basically do is make a form of bitmap from a pdf or ps. This is
> fine
> for printing, but no use for identifying the shapes in the bitmap,
> which
> any rtf format editor would want to be able to do.

You've got it right.

> So I could work this way
> pdf --> bmp -->add over text --> "print"(=.ps) --> ps2pdf.
> The first stage could be done by ghostscript; Adding over text can
> certainly be done in windows, so I presume gimp can do it also, and
> print it to ps.and ghostscript supplies ps2pdf.
> Just for the pig iron (I got around this task btw) I should try this
> once.

If the forms you fill does not change every time you fill in one, you might be 
better off producing your own soft copy in any popular word processor. 
Better yet, if the word processor has a form capability. I don't think anyone 
will notice the difference. :)


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