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Tue Jul 22 02:04:27 PDT 2003

[22.07.2003] Tony Wang <-- :
> And then I setup some config in ~/.vimrc file, and mostly time it works
> fine, but I found the viminfo config I have setup does not act really,
> I have tried
>   set viminfo='20,"50
>   set viminfo='20,\"50
>   set viminfo='20,\\"50

  set viminfo='20,\"50

> but no use, when I edit a file and quit at some line, then reopen it,
> but the cursor always go to the first line, and there is really a
> ~/.viminfo contains some information last time I left.

I am not sure I understand what you want.
Do want to start vim exactely where you left it last time, for example
open the last file you were in and position the cursor at the place
where you left it last time?

In this case you can start on commandline with:
which will give you an empty vim

Now depending on which older file you want to reload, in vim do:
which will load your last one, or
which will load the one before your last one, or
wich will load the second one before your last one ...
> I have see the help for viminfo, it says that
> "The viminfo file is not supported when the |+viminfo| feature has been
> disabled at compile time."

To find whether you have some +(with) or -(without) compiled, in vim do:
(Also, if you have some .viminfo file it is +viminfo)

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