Tony Wang wwang at
Tue Jul 22 00:54:58 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I have installed lfs and blfs following lfs 4.1 and blfs 1.0

Certainly I have vim installed, the version is 6.1, make and install
just as which is said in chapter 6 in lfs 4.1.

And then I setup some config in ~/.vimrc file, and mostly time it works
fine, but I found the viminfo config I have setup does not act really,
I have tried
  set viminfo='20,"50
  set viminfo='20,\"50
  set viminfo='20,\\"50
but no use, when I edit a file and quit at some line, then reopen it,
but the cursor always go to the first line, and there is really a
~/.viminfo contains some information last time I left.

I have see the help for viminfo, it says that
"The viminfo file is not supported when the |+viminfo| feature has been
disabled at compile time."
but when I run
  vim61/configure --help
again I can not fine any option about the viminfo I can enable or
disable it, so I sure that I have not set any params for enable or
disable the viminfo feather when I first time compile and install it.

Are there any body has encounter this problem?

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