Editing PDFs

Stephen Bosch posting at vodacomm.ca
Mon Jul 21 11:04:53 PDT 2003

Declan. Moriarty wrote:
> What's the handiest way of doing this? Google is fairly unproductive on
> this. My particular application was to open a form in pdf format, write
> in information in the blanks, and write it again as a pdf. Everything
> seems to want to convert or divert pdfs, not process them.

I always wince when I hear this -- many people want to do this, but in 
fact there's already an Adobe PDF-compatible format designed to do this 
-- Adobe Forms. The nice thing about the PFF is that there is space in 
the protocol for modifiable blanks and the like.

> Gs I have, and Acroread. Gs supplies pdf2ps, and ps2pdf, as well as
> pdfopt, which optimises the things sizewise, I gather. So I could go
> this route:
> pdf --> ps --> editor --> ps --> pdf --> pdfopt, but you who
> know me will realise that I, my fonts, or locales would fall over
> somewhere on that route ;-).  I presume there is a wsyiwsg ps file  
> editor somewhere in linux?

PS is very messy (ever looked at postscript code?)... I don't know of 
one (doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just unlikely -- especially if you 
have hunted already in vain).


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