lilo can't be beautified

Christian H. Kuhn qno at
Mon Jul 21 10:29:00 PDT 2003


The lilo beautified hint did not work here. I'm using lilo 22.5.4
with debian and 22.5.6 with lfs (nasm installed). I copied logo64a.bmp
and logo64a.dat to both /boot, created symlinks /boot/boot.b directing
to /boot/boot-bmp.b, the last not existing, therefore not
understanding what i'm doing, but FBBG, run lilo -E /boot/logo64a.dat
-v, lilo says Using bitmap file:  /boot/logo64a.bmp, but doesn't. So i
tried lilo -v 3 -B /boot/logo64.bmp, and i found nowhere in the output
the slightest mention of a bmp. Certainly i'm doing something wrong?

Kind regards
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