Tinny or huge mistake ?

Ng, Wey-Han meehoon at pd.jaring.my
Mon Jul 21 01:41:12 PDT 2003

Quoting "thunderben at free.fr" <thunderben at free.fr>:

> Dagmar d'Surreal wrote :
> > Use the module suplied by the kernel[1], not the one you got from
> > Realtek's site or whereever. (Definitly the #1 mistake with
> > 8139-chipset NICs)
> Matt Burgess wrote :
> > I too (and many others I'm sure) can vouch that the kernel-supplied
> > module works just fine. I've got an 8139too based NIC here and I
> don't
> > have any problem.
> Thank for this advice !
> Are you talking about "/lib/modules/<kernel-
> version>/kernel/drivers/net/dummy.o" ?
> I insmod-ed it it seems to be ok (lsmod show it), but what are the
> means to 
> check if it handle my 8139 based NIC ?

That's not it. kernel-supplied 8139too module lives in the kernel source tree. 
>From you previous posting, I think you are compiling the module with source 
that came with the card but the kernel have the module with the same name 
in it's source tree. So all you need to do is to recompile the kernel with 
8139too option as to either Y or M.

I also have a NIC based on this chipset that come with the module source 
for linux. I did not bother using that version because it causes more problem 
trying to compile it then just enabling the kernel version.



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