Weird hangups

Harry E. Allen III hallen at
Sun Jul 20 20:20:15 PDT 2003

Daniel Brewer wrote:
>Now I am not sure if this was around since
>this installation or occured after installing something but I have
>found that every so often the computer freezes for 1-10s and then
>carries on as normal. It freezes with both input (keyboard or mouse)
>and output (tailling a file).

I have a different architecture (2.4GHZ P-IV, 1GB RAM) but the same
symptoms. When I bought the system in April, I loaded Debian Woody as
the base system prior to building LFS 4.0 followed by BLFS 1.0. I have
not strayed beyond the directions provided in the LFS guides. My
motherboard is a M925LU ( As this is not a high end
board, I was wondering if I had a hardware problem vice software...
Harry E. Allen, III

hallen at (H)
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