Installing Fluxbox ~ Error from make

James Rayner rcxau at
Sat Jul 19 07:58:56 PDT 2003


Im finally getting some BLFS stuff , already installed some browsers,
XFree4.3 and some other stuff, but i wanted to try a real light WM, and
it seems its a pretty good one.
And as the BLFS said it didnt need any dependencies, so i decided to
give it a try.

But im having a problem, and i already searched through and Google, also in the FAQ. and couldnt
find anything relating to it.

i dont have the error here, but its real simple (pretty ironic. eh?)
after the ./configure ends, its supposed to go ahead and "make" (&& make
&& make install) but as soon as make starts, begins with the Make [ERROR
1].... bla bla... and th actual error is that 

   i cant find a terminal emulator, please indicate one with -t option

i did some search trough all the Makefile i could find in the directory,
and one in Fluxbox-x.x.x/util/generatefluxbox_menuconfig  or similar,
sayd, the same thing, its a kind of script, and its the script the
Makefile runs to find that and some other stuff, so i tryed running the
script with the "-t /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm" option, and it kept saying it
couldnt find a terminal....

is there something wrong with xterm? do i have to point it to another
 i dont have any other terminal, do you recommend using another one?

Thanks in advance.


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