XDM/bash profile hints to people

Sam Halliday fommil at yahoo.ie
Sat Jul 19 16:56:33 PDT 2003


Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> The only thing that still bothers me about XDM is that it isn't linked against
> Xft2 and that it doesn't have a shutdown/console switch function. GDM and KDM
> have too many dependencies for what they offer above XDM IMHO.

i agree about XFT, GDM and KDM. i wonder if they will ever use XFT2 in xdm?
nice... but eye candy lets face it ;-)

about the shutdown button... this is possible! the script Xsetup_0 is run as
root every time xdm is refreshed, so all you need is a simple standalone X
button (and start it in the script) with the colours set _just right), and
clicking on it will shutdown the computer. but this `open for anyone to
shutdown' option may not be what most people desire! i prefer to shutdown the
computer from the commandline as i have permissions set for who i want to be
able to poweroff and reboot from there.

console switch? whats wrong with Alt-Ctrl-F1 ;-) anyone who _wants_ to login on
a vc/? will know how to do this.

the only thing i think xdm is missing, is the choice of locale/window manager at
login time. but ~/.xsession does achive this functionality in a very unix way
[i.e. no eye candy]. this is probably possible, i maybe missed a doc or
something somewhere.

btw, i seen this program recently, but its relatively new, so i dont know how
much to trust my stable system on it:


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