XDM/bash profile hints to people

Sam Halliday fommil at yahoo.ie
Sat Jul 19 16:45:11 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> do you mind sharing your xdm config files?

not at all! i have put a tarball of my /etc/X11/xdm here:


this is a work in progress, so if people are interrested further, i would be
willing to maybe write a hint on everything i have learnt. but i am incredibly
busy for the next while :-(

there are a few things to note which i have added in addition to my last posts,
and some things you should be aware of from my setup:

  - i only want to give write access of certain devices (eg sound
    card, floppy drive etc) to the user of X (ie console). i have
    added the relevant stuff in {Give,Take}Console. But this is a
    hack at the moment, and someone who logs in on one of the vc's
    will not get permissions to the devices. remote users wont
    either... but that is what i intended ;-) i think my technique
    is correct, but i think my scripting needs a little work to account
    for several possibilities. e.g. members of `audio' will get access to
    the sound card. `floppy' and `lp' are 2 more examples. the scripting
    should be obvious and supports both devfs and plain 'ol /dev

  - my Xsession defaults to load blackbox. if you dont have blackbox,
    expect to be landed into the ugly twm. also, i dont know if i need
    to set the global Xdefaults in Xsession, as i think they may be
    loaded anyway. either way, doing it twice does no harm! [i also
    utilise xnumlock (from the hints/BLFS) and xscreensaver; but they are
    not necessary]. Editing this file the set your own system window manager
    is trivial, and users can add their own ~/.xsession in which they can
    specify their own personal choice of WM.

  - you will not get the nice background unless you have blackbox (or more
    accurately, the `bsetbg' script) installed. you can edit Xsetup_0 to add
    your own root-picture-loader if you want. i think `xv` can achieve the
    same thing with the -root command line.

  - you might want to make a diff of my files against the standard ones,
    just to see exactly what i changed.

  - my setup is for a local machine with only local GUI users. i dont have
    a clue how to set up xdm for foreign hosts.

i am sure dagmar will kill this setup as well though... ;-)

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