installing libbonobo-2.3.3

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar.wants at
Sat Jul 19 12:20:57 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 14:27, Horacio Ferrero wrote:

> I didn't observe a big big difference between results obtained with 
> BLFS-xxyyzz an now with BLFS 1.0
> Is n't?
> It's not a problem with libgtk-X11 revision ?
> I've not found the installation of that thing in the BLFS Book.

*sigh*  I'm pretty sure BLFS has never at any point in time crossbred
(for want of a better term) both the Gnome 2.2.x and Gnome 2.3.x trees,
and from what you've posted you have done that and then some.

Start over from the top.  This means beginning with libxml2, libxslt,
maybe gtk-doc, glib, linc and so on.  Build them _all_ again because
many of them that might already be the right versions will turn out to
be broken because you linked them against the wrong libraries.

Follow the build order, _exactly_.  Use the exact versions mentioned in
the book.  Do _not_ deviate from them.  Unless you know inside and out
which packages go with the 2.2 release and which ones go with 2.3
release, any deviation is _highly_ likely to result in _failure_. 
Conversely, failure to deviate will be highly likely to result in

...and before you can ask if I ignored the question about libgtk-X11,
then answer is yes, I /am/ ignoring it.  If you do what you're supposed
to do, the problem will not occur the second time around.

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