using my xircom cwe1130 on LFS 4.1

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Fri Jul 18 15:23:38 PDT 2003

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:30:17 +0100, Matt Darcy <matt at> 

> Hi all,
> I have built an LFS 4.1 duel boot laptop. Seems to work pretty good
> I have a question on trying to use my Xircom CWE1130 wireless PCMCIA 
> network
> card
> First I'll remove the basics I have tested the card under windows, and
> configured the access point to accept the IP address and MAC address.
> I have compiled support for this card into the kernel - and it seems to 
> be
> "ok"
> When I put the card in and start pcmcia up it beeps 2 times to show its
> happy and there are no complaints.
> When I do this I see a blank "wifi0" interface available to me.
> I added /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.wifi0
> This set the ipaddress etc etc etc
> however when I ping anything I just get a timeout
> I did notice however when I bring up wifi0 the system sets a eth1 
> interface
> too with the same MAC address as wifi0 - I thought about trying to set a
> /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth1 to see if that made a
> difference ?? it didn't even set the IP address, eth1 appears to be some
> kind of alias for wifi0 ?? I simply don't understand.
> Questions
> a.) does anyone understand whats going on with my setup ?
> b.) do you want more detail ? if so what
> c.) has anyone used this card with Linux ? (its just a cisco card)
> d.)does any one have any good guides on wireless lan ?
> thanks,
> Matt.

Firstly this is a question for blfs-support. Please read the website to 
figure out what mail should be sent to what list.

Secondly, are you trying to ping an ip address (x.x.x.x) or something that 
needs dns resolution ( If it's the former, then I can't really 
help you as I don't really know why that's not working. If it's the latter 
then I'd make sure that you put your dns server's ip address into 
/etc/resolv.conf in the appropriate format. You can man resolv.conf for 
more info on that. If you need an example then email me privately and I 
would be happy to privately email you a copy of my resolv.conf. This 
message is being sent to blfs-support and all follow ups should be posted 

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