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> Ian Molton wrote:
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> >>They are offering 600kb for ¤20 per month, or 150kb for ¤15 per
> >>month.. I already pay ¤12.50 per month for 56kb access (a flat
> >>rate).
> >
> >
> >I pay 22.50 for 512k ADSL but I also get a FIXED IP and some other
> >services.
> >
> >NTL are crappy, avoid them.
> >
> Who through and how do you find them? just as a matter of interest.

<History Lesson>
A relic from early days of independence in Ireland was Semi-State
companies. They were started by the State usually to operate basic
services which didn't exist, and which private industry wasn't well
enough capitalised to start. Names such as Irish Shipping, Coras Iompar
Eireann(Excuse the Irish - it was a bus/rail company), Radio Eireann
(RE), aka RTE (With television) are some.
<End History Lesson>

RTE bought the TV cable companies out, and just supplied the basic
stations on coax(!). Then people got ratty because RTE was preventing
competition, so they sold them to NTL. NTL laid in high speed digital
and Analogue Services, and started phones and fancy things on our
section of the network. So they came looking for me, not vice versa.
They 'made me an offer I couldn't refuse' and I bought in. Then they
started going pear shaped.


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