NTL and cable modems

Gareth Westwood gareth at kibblestone-uk.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Jul 17 12:39:18 PDT 2003

Declan. Moriarty wrote:
> NTL are giving a 50% discount on cable modems for a year. They are not
> ideal isps. They cut off a 56k modem after 10 minutes idle or 2 hours
> online. My phones (also on the digital cable) have been off for a week
> recently, before they came out. They swapped their box, and farted
> around for an hour before they found out the service had been switched
> off at _the_other_end :-((. The bills were paid - they had been working
> on the guy next door and evidently messed up.
> They are offering 600kb for ?20 per month, or 150kb for ?15 per month. I
> already pay ?12.50 per month for 56kb access (a flat rate). They claim
> to be using dhcp with dynamic ip assignment, so I'd get a different ip
> every time I log in. They claim if you're not off long, you are more
> likely to get your old ip back, but if you are off some time, it will be
> different. They do not believe any user would ever use linux - the
> question I answer most often to NTL is "What is Linux?" They _do_not_
> want a domain name registered to my downline box, and cite traffic
> reasons. Personally, I believe it's business reasons.
> I'd need a kernel rebuild, another nic, a cable modem, and a firewall, I
> gather. Anything else? Is there a concise no nonsense guide to this
> anywhere? I don't know if I'm able for the Cable Modem Howto; I'm
> certainly not if it's anything like the ppp howto.
Before I begin (are you sitting comfortably?...)
I _Hate_ NTL, they very nearly took me to court for £600 that I (IMHO) 
didn't owe them and am now setteling £250 to save the hassel of going to 
court. There Digital TV system was permanently up the chuffer and when 
ever I tried to change anything on the phone they cut off the pub line 
(I managed a pub and there was a seperate line).

I had NTL's cable modem system up and runing with linux fine, it was 
runing over an external cable modem connected to the pc via cat5. All I 
had to do was set the nic to dhcp and enter the name servers. It all 
worked fine.

I don't remember the make / Model of the cable modem so I can't gaurnete 
(can't spell either) it will work but this should give you some hope.

On the whole the line I had (512) was superb, I don't recall it going 
down on me ever, whowever it was over 18 months ago and they probably
have many more ppl using it now.

Think yourself lucky, when I said I was using Linux they seemed to asume 
I had no idea what I was on about and told me to run winipcfg anyway. If 
you get through to some of the tech support guys / girls they seem to 
know a little more.

I am done rambeling now, hope this is of some use.

Gareth Westwood

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