Openoffice install - no binaries installed

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Thu Jul 17 12:48:39 PDT 2003

Robert Bracewell wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the pointer this fixed my issues and
> OpenOffice 1.3 running smoothly.
> Cheers
> RoB
>  --- Fabien Steinmetz < at>
> wrote: > 
>>I finaly managed to solve the problem, in fact I
>>found a patch at
>>To solve that particular problem simply apply patch
>>: 034_rename_inflate
>>I suppose it should work with 1.0.2 too (I did it
>>with 1.0.3)
>>If you have 1.0.3 then don't forget also to apply
>>patch 001_IZ13031_printfix
>>(corrects the famous printing  bug that made them
>>I also applied 035_deliver_linkopt but I don't
>>thinks this is a major
>>I suspect the bug to appear only when unzip is
>>installed as a shared
>>library, but nothing is sure
>>Hope this helps you all
>>Fabien Steinmetz
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I have had exactly the same problem here to. Havent tried the fix yet 
but will let you (the group) know how it went).

using openoffice 1.0.2

Gareth Westwood

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