Maybe OT: crossplatform C++

Sam Barnett-Cormack s.barnett-cormack at
Thu Jul 17 02:45:30 PDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel wrote:

> I've googled the WWW looking for any introduction to 'writing crossplatform
> apps in C++', but couldn't find any doc that satisfied my requirements...
> since many of you are skilled C++ programmers, could you point me any URL
> where I could start to learn about it... I've coded a lot in C and Java, and
> know tha basics of C++ (that means, for me, inheritance, templates and so
> on)...

*So* OT it hurts, but...

Largely C++ is C - the additions are basically just the OO and with that
the STL. the 'S' in STL stands for 'Standard' so any standards-compliant
C++ implementation should be fine. So, in essence, just make sure the
C-ish bits are cross-platform and you should be fine.


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