Small Gnome2 title bar

Guido Schimmels guido.schimmels at
Wed Jul 16 22:38:43 PDT 2003

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 22:27:17 -0500
DJ Lucas <dj at> wrote:

> It built, by the book, without a hitch.  I started it up, and was 
> suprised to see no major errors (other than a minor brain fart with 
> leaving my old .xinitrc in place).  I started a few apps, and was 
> surprized to see that there was, or so I thought, no title bar for each 
> window.  I thought this a little weird, no sticky, maximize, minimize 
> etc.. In it's place was a small colored line.  I droped my X resolution 
> to 1024 x 768, and surprise surprise there was a title bar.  Problem is, 
> it is only about 1/16" (~1mm) tall on a 17" monitor.  Anybody seen this 
> one before?  I've google and checked the archives, but perhaps my search 
> terms are wrong.  Maybe 'title bar' is not the correct word.  Only thing 
> in my .xinitrc are metacity and gnome-session.

There is no window-manager running!
Go to a console:

$ metacity&
$ gnome-session-save
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