Small Gnome2 title bar

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Jul 16 20:27:17 PDT 2003

Having used KDE exclusively, for <insert your supreme being here> only 
knows how long ;-), I've decided to try out some other window managers. 
   Thus far, I absolutely love fluxbox, but I figured I'd give Gnome2 a 
chance as I have not looked at gnome for the past few years.

It built, by the book, without a hitch.  I started it up, and was 
suprised to see no major errors (other than a minor brain fart with 
leaving my old .xinitrc in place).  I started a few apps, and was 
surprized to see that there was, or so I thought, no title bar for each 
window.  I thought this a little weird, no sticky, maximize, minimize 
etc.. In it's place was a small colored line.  I droped my X resolution 
to 1024 x 768, and surprise surprise there was a title bar.  Problem is, 
it is only about 1/16" (~1mm) tall on a 17" monitor.  Anybody seen this 
one before?  I've google and checked the archives, but perhaps my search 
terms are wrong.  Maybe 'title bar' is not the correct word.  Only thing 
in my .xinitrc are metacity and gnome-session.


DJ Lucas

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