NTL and cable modems

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> Declan:
> Sounds ghastly. Perhaps you should move to Canada -- 1.5 Mbps for 45 CAD
>   a month (about 29 EUR) and static IP for 90 CAD (58 EUR) :)
> Declan. Moriarty wrote:
> > They are offering 600kb for ?20 per month, or 150kb for ?15 per month. I
> > already pay ?12.50 per month for 56kb access (a flat rate). They claim
> > to be using dhcp with dynamic ip assignment, so I'd get a different ip
> > every time I log in. They claim if you're not off long, you are more
> > likely to get your old ip back, but if you are off some time, it will be
> > different. They do not believe any user would ever use linux - the
> > question I answer most often to NTL is "What is Linux?" They _do_not_
> > want a domain name registered to my downline box, and cite traffic
> > reasons. Personally, I believe it's business reasons.
> Are there any alternatives? Ireland's a fairly progressive country,
> there ought to be some decent competition in the marketplace, or am I
> dreaming?
> I am fortunate enough to have a very *nix-friendly ISP; they have
> numerous customers using Linux and Slowlaris. Some ISPs have carved out
> a good niche for themselves doing this. Personally I would be leery of
> any outfit that responded to my queries with a question like "What is
> Linux?"
> Anyway -- to your question:
> Generally getting cable DHCP going is a snap, with the following caveat
> -- if the cable modem uses PPP over Ethernet, it gets dicey. I don't
> know enough about cable modem systems to be able to say if this is even
> a possibility. Cable modems use a shared loop, so my guess is that PPPoE
> is not possible (or at the very least, not typical), in which case you
> would be just fine.
> Still, caveat emptor. Check this with NTL first. And if you can show
> these clowns the door, so much the better.
> > I'd need a kernel rebuild,
> Why this?
> > another nic, a cable modem, and a firewall, I
> > gather.
> They make you buy the modem? Sharks. That's called "offloading
> maintenance on the customer". Now, when it fails, they can say "tough
> beans, it's YOUR modem". The dirty secret of the broadband business:
> broadband terminal hardware fails at a ridiculously high rate. Do you
> think they are selling the modems now because it's to *your* advantage?

NTL are near bankcrupcy and are trying to cover cost by selling the modems
at 50% mark up.

NTL can't afford to upgrade the infastructure so have the silly regs.

avoid cable compaines in the UK there all near bankcrupcy.
unless your taking out the full works they normally are not that responsive

> The firewall is de rigueur if you have any Windows machines. Otherwise I
>   would say -- keep your system updated, use only ssh to log in
> remotely, and keep the number of open ports to the barest *necessary*
> minimum, and you can skip the firewall (they are often more headache
> than they are worth, IMHO).

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