Problem getting 16 Colors to work in Pine [NOTABUG]

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Jul 16 13:20:59 PDT 2003

On 7/15/2003 1:09 AM, Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

> On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 23:47, Jason Gurtz wrote:
>> I thought maybe pine had a bug until I tried out the bash script that
>> also only displayed 8 colors.  I s'pose the documentation as to the
>> numbers might be wrong.  is 90-97 and 100-107 the correct ranges for the
>> extended 8 background and foreground colors?  Could anyone verify that
>> the bash script I posted will display 16 colors?
> 1. You should not be setting color codes manually as you did in the
> script.  Ncurses provides tput and tset for those kinds of things. 
> Check their man pages on the portable way to call for colors.

Hmm, though those were more for initializing and setting idividual
terminal capabilities.  I'll read on in the man pages, but hopefully
people will see that the script is not ment as a professional example,
just quick and dirty show what the terminal can do.

> 2. You should probably adjust the contrast on your monitor.

Well, that's fairly denigrating.  Do I really appear to be a moron?

>  Now that I've run that script my guess is that maybe you don't realize
> that the second 8 colors are basically just the same colors again with a
> higher ("high-intensity") brightness.  Everything is getting displayed as
> it should be in a plain xterm.  (The value of the TERM variable means
> nothing to the script, see #1)

IIRC the "high-intensity" colors don't actualy count as additional
colors as they are the same colors with higher intesity.  Indeed, the
high-intensity colors are viewable even in an 8 color pine and in 8
color only capable terminals.  But what do I know....

I've posted a couple screen shots, the first is output of the script,
the second a view of color choices in pine with "force-ansi-16color" set
(before someone else insults me further, no I've not washed out the
extra 8 colors with the png compression).  With a 256 color terminal and
using the "use-term-def" setting, all 256 colors show up as black; I
don't think I need to post a shot of that.

Perhaps someone can tell me if that's what they see too.  It might
indeed be a pine bug.




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