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John Gay johngay at
Wed Jul 16 11:24:48 PDT 2003

On Wed 16 Jul 2003 18:35, you wrote:
> Hi Stephen
> Thanks for taking the time, I will try what you suggest as we know the
> script works, and should work with the lfs install, so it has to be
> something silly like that.
> As for taking on lfs, when I first installed RH72.2 a few months ago (my
> first distro install) I found it very difficult to work out what was what
> and what everything was as the big distros do everything or most of the
> configuration for you, so I am tackling the lfs route in order to try and
> get to grips with Linux in general.
Gee, going from RH to LFS in the first few months of playing with Linux is 
certainly jumping in at the deep end (-:

I certainly admire your dedication! LFS, though much easier to understand than 
past versions, is still a very difficult way to get to grips with Linux. But 
you seem to be working at this the right way and doing your homework, so keep 
up the good work!

Hopefully this will be a very educational and rewarding experience.

> Thanks for the help
Glad to help those who do their homework.


	John Gay
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