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Stephen Bosch posting at
Wed Jul 16 10:06:40 PDT 2003

Hullo Jeff:

Linux wrote:
> No only vim, it only has RH7.2 and my lfs system on it, now that you ask, I
> felt too stupid to ask however how important is 'whitespace' and spaces in
> bash scripting? as I thought that maybe I had put a space or newline in
> somewhere it should not.

That was my line of thinking -- the answer is yes, whitespace and 
invisible newlines can completely pooch a script that *appears* to be 

This has happened to me before, hence the question. The way I avoid it 
(if there is lots of stuff to transcribe) is to copy and paste the 
script segment exactly as it appears in LFS or BLFS, taking care to 
modify any portion of it that differs (with respect to paths, for 
example). This has worked for me consistently. You might like to try that.

It is certainly suspicious that 1) people who use a profile that is 
apparently identical report no problems and 2) the errors you report 
disappear when you comment out the offending lines.

First try rewriting the busted lines, and then if that doesn't fix it, 
use the copy and paste trick that I mentioned above on a new file.

At the risk of starting a religious war, good on you for doing your 
edits in vim ;) You are also to be commended for taking on LFS so early 
in your Linux experience.

Good luck!


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