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On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 08:43:06AM +0200, Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel
enlightened us thusly
> Thanks,
> could you point me to any resource that tells me how to create a
> custom layout to use with the Xkb mode at XFree86? I mean, my keyboard
> is not a pc102 or something like that... so I suppose that setting
> XkbLayout "ru_RU,en_US" won't work... and the keycode for my Caps Lock
> isn't the usual one...
> Thanks and best regards,
> Miguel Ángel
You can have a quick look at mine, and then hack up your own. Programs
like xev return keycodes. I don't know where I got it from, or can't
say much for what's in it, but you get syntax. The 'euro' hint is also
helpful, in that it tells you what to hack, if not how in your case.

Another lack is that it doesn't have delete, or backspace (as delete)
and I forget which.  

Dec's dodgy .Xmodmap for X-4.2.1(?)
! This is an `xmodmap' input file for
!   Microsoft `Natural' 104 key (XFree86; US) keyboards.
! Automatically generated on Thu Dec 19 10:54:45 2002 by root with
! XKeyCaps 2.46; Copyright (c) 1999 Jamie Zawinski <jwz at>.
! This file presupposes that the keyboard is in the default state, and
! may malfunction if it is not.
! remove Mod1    = Alt_R
! remove Mod4    = Meta_L Meta_R

keycode 0x6F =  Print   Sys_Req
keycode 0x31 =  grave   notsign bar     bar
keycode 0x0A =  1       exclam  onesuperior     exclamdown
keycode 0x0B =  2       quotedbl        twosuperior     oneeighth
keycode 0x0C =  3       sterling        threesuperior   sterling
keycode 0x0D =  4       dollar  currency        ssharp
keycode 0x0E =  5       percent onehalf threeeighths
keycode 0x0F =  6       asciicircum     threequarters   fiveeighths
keycode 0x10 =  7       ampersand       braceleft       seveneighths
keycode 0x11 =  8       asterisk        bracketleft     trademark
keycode 0x12 =  9       parenleft       bracketright    plusminus
keycode 0x13 =  0       parenright      braceright      degree
keycode 0x14 =  minus   underscore      backslash       questiondown
keycode 0x15 =  equal   plus    dead_cedilla    dead_ogonek
keycode 0x18 =  q       Q       at      Greek_OMEGA
keycode 0x19 =  w       W       lstroke Lstroke
keycode 0x1A =  e       E       EuroSign
keycode 0x1B =  r       R       paragraph       registered
keycode 0x1C =  t       T       tslash  Tslash
keycode 0x1D =  y       Y       leftarrow       yen
keycode 0x1E =  u       U       downarrow       uparrow
keycode 0x1F =  i       I       rightarrow      idotless
keycode 0x20 =  o       O       oslash  Ooblique
keycode 0x21 =  p       P       thorn   THORN
keycode 0x22 =  bracketleft     braceleft       dead_diaeresis
keycode 0x23 =  bracketright    braceright      dead_tilde
keycode 0x33 =  numbersign      asciitilde      dead_grave
keycode 0x26 =  a       A       ae      AE
keycode 0x27 =  s       S       ssharp  section
keycode 0x28 =  d       D       eth     ETH
keycode 0x29 =  f       F       dstroke ordfeminine
keycode 0x2A =  g       G       eng     ENG
keycode 0x2B =  h       H       hstroke Hstroke
keycode 0x2D =  k       K       kra     ampersand
keycode 0x2E =  l       L       lstroke Lstroke
keycode 0x2F =  semicolon       colon   dead_acute      dead_doubleacute


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.
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