prelude begins to suck !

Laurent H. l.huge at
Tue Jul 15 09:13:33 PDT 2003

Erika Pacholleck a écrit :

> You never said what this prelude is (and I'm not fond to research
> that). Normally once a program is compiled and installed it does not
> change its linked-in libraries. The only thing I can imagine is,
> that prelude is some hacker or security tool which somehow puts
> itself in front of everything and pretends other programs cannot be
> without it.
Sorry. Prelude is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) ; so in fact it
*is* a security tool.
Since it seems difficult to cope with it, I'm gonna try and find its
developpers on their IRC channel and ask to them. I'll post the
solution (if there is) ASAP.
Laurent H. (pour m'écrire, enlever nospam de l'adresse de réponse)
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