Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at
Mon Jul 14 20:28:56 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 15 July 2003 05:31, Philipp Frank wrote:
> Hi there!
> How should I configure pam to use with cups? My current trouble is
> that as root I can add and modify printers, but am not authorized to
> print a test page. The logs don't contain any hint to a misconfigured
> pam, so I'm not sure it's a matter of pam, nor do the logs of cups
> itself contain any hint why root isn't authorized (yeah, I had to log
> in short before, to add the printer). I tried printing via lp, which
> seems not to have a problem of authorization, but it doesn't work for
> some other reason (I'll investigate that tomorrow, I can't see any
> connection between these two, for the logs contain the
> accepted-but-not-printed with an error code of 7 or so, but no hint
> about the authorization problem).
Post your /etc/cups/cupsd.conf here. Your situation looks like a misconfigured 
<Location> ... </Location> or pstoraster.convs not added to mime.convs, not 
as a PAM issue.
Alexander E. Patrakov

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