Intall GUI over LFS

John Gay jgay at
Mon Jul 14 11:47:24 PDT 2003

>Hi Everybody,
Hello, yourself (-:

>                      I am so happy to say that I have finished
>installing the linux from scratch over my intel Box. I now look forward
>to start the beyond LFS and install a  GUI over my LFS system. For which
>I have certain queries, shall be thankful for the replies:
Congratulations! Glad you were able to get it working. It's not the easiest
way to install Linux, but it's a great way to learn!

>-  Could anybody tell me on how should I proceed for this?

Once we know what you're asking (-;

>- Currently I look forward to install only the GUI part, is it necessary
>to install all the packages given in  BLFS.

No. The point of the BLFS book is to give you the detailed information to
install the parts you want. But this is explained near the beginning of the

>- How do I find only the packages which are necessary to install KDE or
>Gnome GUI?

The requirements for each package are listed at the start. But then you
need to look up those dependancies to see what they depend on. For large
desktops like KDE and Gnome, this is a lot. I've done it for KDE and it
took me several days to get a list together. Unfortunately what you need
largely depends on what you want so there is no quick way around it.

>- Is there are tarball available for the packages for BLFS?

Not that I know of. Because of the different needs of different users, it
does not make much sense to tar the entire thing together. Most people
won't be installing everything.

>- I further look forward to transfer my this LINUX system over a CD and
>further distribute this over other intel boxes with some installation
>steps as in RedHat 8.0 (Anaconda). How should I proceed for this?

There are hints that go some way towards explaining this. Also, don't
forget the Linux Documentation project. They have several HOW-TO's that
also cover this. Unfortunately the exact way to do this depends too much on
just what you want so the best way is to read the different docs, see which
parts apply to your needs and tailor them to suit your particular

>- My installation should be enough to packaged on a CD how do I keep
>track of the size?
For entire system size du will tell you. have a look at the man page for
switches to restrict the output for summary reports. Of course if the
system is too large, you can bzip2 sections before copying to CD and unzip
them during installation.

>In anticipation..
Don't anticipate, participate!

The main reason for LFS and BLFS is for you to build it yourself and learn
in the process. LFS covers the base system fairly well. The lessons you
learn from LFS can then be applied when installing packages from BLFS to
tailor your system. These lessons together will help when you then want to
install things not yet covered in LFS/BLFS. The best part is when you can
then write hints to describe how you installed a package that is not
detailed in BLFS or the hints so that others can benefit from your work.
This is how this entire system has grown from a small project by a single
person to a published book and CD and thousands of successfully installed
systems around the world.


      John Gay

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