prelude begins to suck !

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Jul 14 08:56:38 PDT 2003

Laurent H. said the following on 07/14/03 16:27:
> I've begun the cleaning of my libraries, but as soon as I've moved the
> libprelude library from /lib, the whole system turned into a mess :
> nothing could be done (cp, mv,... all except bash internal command).
> I've been obliged to go back to my ancient system, copy the prelude
> library from it (because chroot didn't work), chroot, then rebuild
> the prelude library (with the good glibc) and copy them to /lib.
> Now I've uninstalled prelude from the whole system, but its library
> lies again in /lib.
> I can't understand what is going on. Why the prelude library is so
> important to my system (I'm sure I've done not an important built
> after installing it) ?
> Is someone able to help me recovering a fully working system (I'm not
> sure recompiling init with libprelude statically linked in it is a
> very good solution, moreover it could be unreversible, so I'm
> searching for something else).

I think it would be best if you'd try a new LFS system, with LFS CVS and 
the pure-lfs.txt hint. Subscribe to lfs-dev, check the FAQ,, and the Wiki 
( to avoid common problems with CVS.

> --
> Laurent H. (pour m'écrire, enlever nospam. de l'adresse de réponse)

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