prelude begins to suck !

Laurent H. l.huge at
Mon Jul 14 07:27:11 PDT 2003

Erika Pacholleck a écrit :
>> 0. make a backup
>> 1. get rid of prelude (and all stuff which needs that)
>> 2. restore the old state of the libraries
>> 3. see whether lfs boots up fine then again
I've begun the cleaning of my libraries, but as soon as I've moved the
libprelude library from /lib, the whole system turned into a mess :
nothing could be done (cp, mv,... all except bash internal command).
I've been obliged to go back to my ancient system, copy the prelude
library from it (because chroot didn't work), chroot, then rebuild
the prelude library (with the good glibc) and copy them to /lib.
Now I've uninstalled prelude from the whole system, but its library
lies again in /lib.

I can't understand what is going on. Why the prelude library is so
important to my system (I'm sure I've done not an important built
after installing it) ?
Is someone able to help me recovering a fully working system (I'm not
sure recompiling init with libprelude statically linked in it is a
very good solution, moreover it could be unreversible, so I'm
searching for something else).
Laurent H. (pour m'écrire, enlever nospam. de l'adresse de réponse)

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