Intall GUI over LFS

James Rayner rcxau at
Sun Jul 13 14:16:47 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 19:16, Amit Mehra wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
>                        I am so happy to say that I have finished
> installing the linux from scratch over my intel Box. I now look forward
> to start the beyond LFS and install a  GUI over my LFS system. For which
> I have certain queries, shall be thankful for the replies:
> -  Could anybody tell me on how should I proceed for this?
> - Currently I look forward to install only the GUI part, is it necessary
> to install all the packages given in  BLFS.
> - How do I find only the packages which are necessary to install KDE or
> Gnome GUI?
> - Is there are tarball available for the packages for BLFS?
> - I further look forward to transfer my this LINUX system over a CD and
> further distribute this over other intel boxes with some installation
> steps as in RedHat 8.0 (Anaconda). How should I proceed for this?
> - My installation should be enough to packaged on a CD how do I keep
> track of the size?
> In anticipation..
> Amit

If you want a GUI you need to install X, check BLFS book.
THen you'll need a windows manager. Gnome and KDE are too big if you are
going to put it on CD, i suggest fluxbox. Instructions also in BLFS
Goos Luck


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