Time hint: Wrong ntp-servers?

Philipp Frank philipp.frank at web.de
Sun Jul 13 10:08:48 PDT 2003

Hi there!

Did anybody use the time hint? I'm trying to, but everytime I contact
an ntp-server, the time is wrong!! By 2 hours... sure, sure, I'm not
looking at my hw-clock, but the clock at my bed (which gets the time
from one of these atomic clocks, so it's really supposed to be exact;
anyhow, any other clock as well shows the same time, so it's really 7 pm
here now :)). So it's 7 pm here (19.00 for german folks), but the time 
servers from germany all do show 5pm (17.00). What's wrong here?

Any pointers appreciated :)

Cheers, Philipp
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