What do I recompile?

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at nexgo.de
Fri Jul 11 14:07:42 PDT 2003

[11.07.2003] Declan. Moriarty <-- :
> Results of user test with localedef:
> genius:/usr/share/i18n$localedef -i en_IE at euro -f ISO-8859-15 \
> /home/genius/localetest/en_IE at dec1
> genius:/usr/share/i18n$ls -l /home/genius/localetest/en_IE at dec1

looks better.

> First time - no messing or errors. For me, that is positively scary! You
> were right about the iso8859 and ISO-8859 thing.
> Now I can rename old locales, compile new ones, and install them

So it is your systems localedef you used together with your systems
raw material: means your systems glibc seems ok, nothing to recompile.

I assume you are not very fond of a complete locale collection
So copy the glibc-2.2.5/localedata/SUPPORTED to /home/genius
syntax of it is this:
 lang_TERITORY/character set \
 -i this^      -f this^        and / as seperator between the values

With this list you can see how glibc would build the locales and you
can use it for your own localedef commands. Maybe as idea you can see
what you have now in /usr/lib/locale.

Use your /home/genius/localetest directory to fill it up with the rest.
Tar up your /usr/lib/locale directory (I never go without backup, even
if the backup contains mess).
Then empty the whole /usr/lib/locale dir (rm -fr /usr/lib/locale/*) and
as root copy the contents of your localetest dir to /usr/lib/locale
(cp -r --preserve=mode /home/genius/localetest/* /usr/lib/locale/).

Now repeat the locale test commands we had in the beginning:
LC_XX locale identification ... and such (no miss, all taken, remember?)
and the perl one. They should now work.

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