Dri with Radeon...

Vicchius vicchius at katamail.com
Fri Jul 11 05:10:01 PDT 2003

I am trying to run XFree4.3 with Dri under LFS 3.0RC2. I already have done
this 2 months ago, and I was easily able to get glxinfo output "Direct
rendering: yes" with my Ati Radeon 8500. Now I am trying again on the same
computer, the same LFS version, the only difference is that I couldn't get
Xfree 4.3 compile if I previously compiled freetype2 and expat. I had do do
"make uninstall" for these 2 packages in order to get it work. And also I
tried kernel 2.4.20, while I used to have 2.4.18 installed the first time.
But this time glxinfo says "Direct Rendering: no"...
Looking XFree86.0.log I do not see any warning, and near the end of the file
I can see a line where it says ~ "RADEON(0): Direct Rendering enabled".
Agpgart module for my via kt133a mainboard is loaded before running startx,
and the radeon.o module (version 1.7.0) compiled with xfree is in
/lib/modules/2.4.20/kernel/drivers/char/drm (or something like this, however
I'm sure I have overwritten the radeon.o module (1.1.0) which is installed
when making a kernel compile).
Looking the log, everything seem to go well, but when I get into X, dri
looks as disabled. By the way I noticed that "glxgears" gets about 160fps
when agpgart module is loaded, and 210fps when it is not loaded....
shouldn't agp be faster!?!??!
Thanks for any advice


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