Default mail in Firebird (was Re: default mail in fluxbox)

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Jul 10 05:28:41 PDT 2003

DJ Lucas said the following on 07/02/03 08:37:
> Five days prior to my post, someone released an extention for Firebird 
> that will overide the behaviour above (allow you to select the default 
> applications for mail, news, ftp, view source, textedit...).  Mozex.  It 
> can be found at  By default it'll give 
> you a fit, because of MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME environment variable being set, 
> if you try to run thunderbird.  Simple fix I thought, just edit the 
> thunderbird script and kill the if that allows the script to honor that 
> variable.  Other option is to keep Firebird from setting M5H..didn't 
> look into it as the other worked fine.  Hope this helps somebody.

To greatly simplify the thunderbird script:

exec $TBDIR/ $TBDIR/thunderbird-bin

AFAICT this works perfectly...

Jeroen Coumans,
FAQ maintainer

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