SOLVED: Re: Problems with Alsa / Sound devices and DevFS

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Wed Jul 9 14:00:09 PDT 2003

Ricardo Barberis wrote:
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> El Lunes 30 de Junio de 2003 14:42, Simon Geard escribió:
>>Ricardo Barberis wrote:
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>>>El Domingo 29 de Junio de 2003 11:17, Gareth Westwood escribió:
>>>>Firstly (and not that important) I only seem to be able to use one
>>>>piece of software that uses sound at one time. Eg, I can't have KDE
>>>>using sound and run xmms, to get xmms working I have to dissable
>>>>sound in KDE, as I said this is not a _major_ problem but it would be
>>>>good if I could get it fixed (Asuming it is not just me expecting to
>>>>much of alsa or something.)
>>>The problem is that every sound KDE makes goes through artsd, and xmms
>>>doesn't "know" about it.
>>>A possible solution (the one I'm using) is to run xmms through artsdsp
>>>(some kind of wrapper, check the arts docs), i.e.: 'asrtdsp xmms'
>>There is an artsd output plugin listed on, though since I don't
>>use KDE, I've no idea how well it works. Worth a try, perhaps.
> I tried it 4, 5 months ago. It was a pretty old dated version (abandoned?) 
> an gave me all kind of problems.
> Later on, I found about artsdsp and put artsplugin away.
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Got it,
I tried most of the sugestions I got and nothing seemed to work so I 
decided there must be a problem with devfs. There wasn't but whilst 
looking at the devfs hints I found the one that talks specificaly about 
alsa (The devfs with kernel modules one), after runing throught that it 
all works like a dream. Am still not quite there as far as geting 2 
things to work at the same time, but I am sure it won't take that much 
time given the pointers I have here.

Thanks a bunch guys, All I gota do now is remove all the crap I put in 
to "temperaraly" fix the problem.

Gareth Westwood

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