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Ulrich Fahrenberg uli at
Wed Jul 9 02:08:42 PDT 2003

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Stephen Bosch wrote:

> Guy Benson wrote:
> > I seem to remember having a problem like this a while ago. Just
> > unpacking the fonts didn't work for me. I had to set the GS_LIB
> > environmental variable to point at the fonts directory, as well. But,
> > things may have changed, this was a while ago...
> I'll be damned.
> That fixed it. Always when you think it's pointless, it works.
> Now -- does it really matter where those fonts are? Because I'd really
> just like to centralize things, put them all in one place.
> Can I put them in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts and just point GS_LIB there?

Yup. And just for the record: gs -h outputs the searchpath which gs
was compiled with, and fonts are (guess what) searched exactly in this
searchpath. So (as Declan pointed out) if you want to put your fonts
in /blah/goomp/fonts, you can a) recompile gs with


, or b)
	export GS_LIB=/blah/goomp/fonts


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