Frank Gruellich frank at
Tue Jul 8 07:53:04 PDT 2003

* Tushar Teredesai <tushar at>  8. Jul 03
> Frank Gruellich wrote:
> >* Tushar Teredesai <tushar at>  7. Jul 03
> >>Frank Gruellich wrote:
> >>>frank at odin [/usr/src/mozilla] $ grep 'freetype2' config/
> >>>FT2_CFLAGS             = -I/usr/include/freetype2
> >>>MOZ_XFT_CFLAGS          = -I/opt/xft/include -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I
> >>Check the file xft.pc. Maybe the flags are set incorrectly in that file.
> >frank at odin [~] $ cat /opt/xft/lib/pkgconfig/xft.pc
> >[xft.pc]
> >frank at odin [~] $
> >
> >Uhm, it's the xrendercflags, isn't it?  What should it be?  Where did it
> >go?
> Did you install a seperate xft+fontconfig+Xrender package? I remember I 
> had many problems with the combination. My solution was upgrading to the 
> latest fontconfig + latest X.

AFAIR I followed the BLFS book.  Maybe I missed something there ... wow,
what happend to ... d'oh, X4.3.0, I used 4.2.1.  With mozilla, well, I
'merged' the hint for 1.2.1 with mozilla 1.3 and finally 1.4 (and now I
see, 1.3 is already in the book).

xft comes with X, doesn't it?  When did I install fontconfig?  What's
this 'Xrenderer'?  (Maybe I should stop this bad drug habit and start
writing down, what I do.  ;-) If I upgrade to recent version of X, would
it fix the haywire xft installation or crash my half system?  How to
remove the old X?  Wait, surely it's in the search.

Thank you very much,
 regards, Frank.
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