init : : cannot open shared object file : kernel panic!

Richard rgollub at
Sun Jul 6 08:34:40 PDT 2003

richard at wrote:
> AFAIK, if you compile old versions of X (without DRM & DRI), then
> the kernel portion of the graphics card drivers are the ones
> from the kernel sources. If you use DRM/DRI, then these drivers
> could be from the X source tree. The (now unnecessary?) precautions
> I took because alsa would have hidden the same type of problem if
> it was introduced when direct rendering became standard in X.
> BTW the problem with glibc was because I used --enable-kernel=...
> (not recommended in the book), and part of the rpc code build
> process (used to?) detect the current kernel version instead
> of the kernel that the rest of glibc was being compiled for.

	Tks, Richard. All noted ok.

> Sorry - I just missed the question. Learning how to lobby against
> impending EU software patents takes so much time that a lot of LFS
> related mails get deleted unless the title gets my attention. I
> normally keep my own posts around for a couple of days to mark
> replies and avoid missing questions like yours. Please blame the error
> on reading patents - that can turn anyone's brain to sludge.

	No problem whatsoever. Perfectly understabdable... ;)

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