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Sat Jul 5 06:23:52 PDT 2003

On 2003-07-05 08:12:26 +0000, Richard wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> > > On 2003-07-03 09:55:48 +0000, Richard wrote:
> > > >
> > > >       a) who are those "knowledgables", and where have they expressed their
> > > > opinions, in support of such claims (chroot is "bad"/substrate kernel
> > > > "interference", and future problems to be expected, by using the
> > > > technique)?
> > > >
> > > In the past I have had problems with alsa compiling for the running
> > > kernel instead of the one installed in the chroot environment where
> > > alsa was being compiled. I had a problem with glibc. I did not have
> > > problems anything else, including X, but at that time I was not using
> > > DRM.
> > 
> >         Now, just in clarification: could you explain me your reference to DRM.
> > I could not gather the implication.
AFAIK, if you compile old versions of X (without DRM & DRI), then
the kernel portion of the graphics card drivers are the ones
from the kernel sources. If you use DRM/DRI, then these drivers
could be from the X source tree. The (now unnecessary?) precautions
I took because alsa would have hidden the same type of problem if
it was introduced when direct rendering became standard in X.

BTW the problem with glibc was because I used --enable-kernel=...
(not recommended in the book), and part of the rpc code build
process (used to?) detect the current kernel version instead
of the kernel that the rest of glibc was being compiled for.

> 	Believing that my question (I see now that I forgot the question mark
> after DRM) just went unnoticed (I hope :), I reiterate it here.
> 	I am really interested in the in-between-the-lines info I am not
> grasping...
Sorry - I just missed the question. Learning how to lobby against
impending EU software patents takes so much time that a lot of LFS
related mails get deleted unless the title gets my attention. I
normally keep my own posts around for a couple of days to mark
replies and avoid missing questions like yours. Please blame the error
on reading patents - that can turn anyone's brain to sludge.


Can we ban software patents on the grounds that having to read them
is a cruel and unusual punishment?
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