ogg / cdda2wav

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at hermes.sunderland.ac.uk
Sat Jul 5 10:12:21 PDT 2003

How experienced are folks on this list in all things ogg related?  I'm
trying to rip directly from CD to .ogg format without an intermediate
.wav file.  I've tried the following command, which some trawls on
google show should work in theory:

cdda2wav --dev=0,0,0 -paranoia --quiet | oggenc -r - -o foo.ogg

This in fact appears to work (in that neither cdda2wav nor oggenc
complain), however the output is as follows:

Encoding standard input to 
at quality 3.00

Done encoding file "foo.ogg"

        File length:  0m 00.0s
        Elapsed time: 0m 22.1s
        Rate:         0.0000
        Average bitrate: inf kb/s

Notice how the file length is 0m 00.0s - and indeed the filesize is 0!

Does anyone know how to get them to play ball together?  Incidentally
I'm after a shell script or even an additional program that can do the

1) Query cddb servers to retrieve Album/Track/Artist info (I know
cdda2wav can do that bit)
2) Provide an interface for setting such info if a cddb entry doesn't
exist for the particular CD being ripped
3) Use the cddb info to set the output folder and filename
4) Rip CD tracks directly to .ogg (see main problem above)
5) Use the cddb info to set the ogg tag/headers inside the generated

Any pointers to such a beast would be appreciated :)

Thanks a lot,

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