init : : cannot open shared object file : kernel panic !

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Sat Jul 5 09:58:02 PDT 2003

[03.07.2003] Laurent H. <-- :
> In fact, after some tries, I've found a workaround solution (inspired
> by Ulrich Fahrenberg) : I've copied all ssl librairies in /lib (then
> run ldconfig). The next reboot, it asked for libcrypto (?) and crash
> again, so I did it again with libcrypto and, after another boot, with
> libprelude.
> Now it's working well, so I think it was prelude that has put such a
> mess (but I don't know why, since I didn't configure it yet (and so
> it is not supposed to start at boot time)).
> Now that it is working, I have three solutions to have it work :
>         - I leave it as it is
>         - I delete the libraries in /usr/lib
>         - I uninstall those libraries and install them again in /lib

[05.07.2003] Laurent H. <-- :
> With no response in here, I've asked another newsgroup and 've been
> told to rebuild init in static and delete the librairies I've copied
> (since they have no place in /lib).
> What any of you think about it ?

I don't know what this prelude is for/against, but all those libs
hardly belong into /lib.
You said, you think it is prelude, and it is not supposed to start
because you did not configure it yet.

If I were in your case, I would
0. make a backup
1. get rid of prelude (and all stuff which needs that)
2. restore the old state of the libraries
3. see whether lfs boots up fine then again
   a. negative: rebuilt init, test again
   b. positive: change the building commands of prelude
      (maybe it needs some --libdir=/usr/lib or whatever)

That's all my ideas.
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