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Arnaud Boissinot arnaud.boissinot at
Sat Jul 5 02:04:44 PDT 2003

thunderben at wrote:

> Hi List,
> Apparently, not all my keyboard key are mapped !
> Most of character are ok ("a" -> "z", num keys, etc), but
> not "end", "PageUp", "del", etc.
> For example, when I press "end", or "delete" a tilde (~) appear instead
> the corresponding task.
> I found a hint in LFS FAQ (the one about delkey), and I created
> /etc/inputrc as listed.
> But nothing changed.
> My confirguration is :
> LFS 4.0, PC keyboard (102 keys).
> symlink is linked to "i386/azerty/"
> I have Bash 2.05a.
> Any idea or advice ?

See the post just behind yours, it works for me, it should work for you too.

This is what I've done:

--> In /etc/profile add the following


if tty --quiet ; then
    stty erase '^H'

export INPUTRC

--> My /etc/inputrc looks like

# Début /etc/inputrc

# S'assure que nous ne sortons pas tout sur une ligne
set horizontal-scroll-mode Off

# Active l'entre 8bit
set meta-flag On
set input-meta On

# Désactive la suppression du 8me bit
set convert-meta Off

# Conserve le 8me bit pour l'affichage
set output-meta On

# rien, visible ou audible
set bell-style none

# Toutes les indications ci-dessous font correspondre une squence
#  une fonction readline spcifique

"\eOd": backward-word
"\eOc": forward-word

# pour la console linux
"\e[1~": beginning-of-line
"\e[4~": end-of-line
"\e[5~": beginning-of-history
"\e[6~": end-of-history
"\e[3~": delete-char
"\e[2~": quoted-insert

# pour xterm
"\eOH": beginning-of-line
"\eOF": end-of-line

# pour bash

# pour rxvt

# Fin /etc/inputrc

--> Then reboot your LFS system

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